The Dr Idrice Goomany Treatment Centre is a non-governmental organisation which came into operation on 16th April 1986 in response to a major increase in the incidence of brown sugar use (adulterated form of heroin) particularly among people living in the peripheral regions of Port Louis.  The primary goal of the Centre consists of reducing the demand for licit and illicit psychoactive substances in Mauritius through prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and harm reduction programmes.


Mission Statement A committed and dedicated team providing quality services in prevention, treatment, rehabilitation and harm reduction.
Vision Statement A healthier Republic of Mauritius where its population is protected from the harmful consequences of drug use and related HIV.
Target population(s) Young people, PWU/ID, women, employees, families, and communities.
Core activities Prevention: IEC, school, family and workplace-based prevention.
Treatment & Rehabilitation
Harm Reduction: Outreach, condoms distribution, HIV rapid testing and counselling, referral.
Prevention model An interactive 4-6 session model based on factual and scientific information on drugs, social competencies, youth peer leadership and community network development; using international standards.
Treatment model Treatment model combining outpatient detoxification and maintenance therapy inclusive of screening, diagnosis, brief intervention, counselling, family therapy, relapse prevention, referral to MST and OST, follow-up, economic empowerment, dressing. UNODC and WHO standards.
Harm Reduction model Model based on UNAIDS, WHO, UNODC and its standards
Leadership, Management and Governance Structure Collegial leadership with full transparence and accountability with yearly audit, regular records and accounts update, including the views of our beneficiaries.

MST Methadone Substitution Therapy
OST Opiod Substitution Therapy
UNODC United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime
WHO World Health Organisation