Le Dr Idrice Goomany Treatment Centre

The Dr Idrice Goomany Treatment Centre was named after late Dr Idrice Amir Goumany, a native of Pagoda Street, Plaine Verte, Port Louis, capital city of Mauritius. Born in 1859, and the sole child of Amir Goumany and Marie Rose Cesar, Idrice had his secondary studies at the Royal College and his medical training at Edinburg and Glasgow. In 1889, two years after his return to Mauritius, he volunteered selflessly his services as doctor to attend to those who caught small pox in a quarantaine at Pointe aux Cannoniers. Small pox being a major infectious disease, at that time, took the life of Dr Goumany on 28 July 1889. He died in the midst of his patients at the age of thirty.

 A century later, in the face of an epidemy of a different nature, namely that of substance abuse, a group of social workers dedicated to bring solace and hope to those afflicted by drugs, try to infuse the same spirit of service, altruism and values in their work.

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